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Tianma socks and Chinese socks are connected

2017-08-11  Haiyan Golden Gate Socks Industry Co., Ltd Views 471

This website (reporter sui 2 long) recently, as liaoyuan city of the main company of the company of the tianma pine crane industry group, with the Chinese socks yi network carries on the strategic cooperation. This is the effective docking between traditional production processing enterprises and e-commerce platforms. It is the perfect combination of famous trademark and Internet.

Tianma pine crane hosiery is domestic cotton socks industry leading enterprises, as China's textile industry 500 strong, China top 10 of hosiery and army sock fixed-point processing enterprises, with annual output of 50 million pairs of production capacity, the independent brand "tianma", "pine crane phil", is our province famous trademark, owned by a variety of brands sold well all over the country more than 30 provinces and cities, and exported to Europe and the United States.

China socks yi network is an e-commerce platform that focuses on the hosiery products, gathers domestic mainstream hosiery products production enterprises and products, and provides online wholesale business to the national retail terminal. Now we have more than 300 suppliers and 3,000 franchised stores, which perfectly realize the connection between small purchase, mixed batch business and enterprise scale production, and reduce the middle part of the production and marketing chain.

The signing cooperation, by the Chinese socks website, comprehensive agent operating tianma series brand products online sales (including wholesale and retail), based on the customer group of the Internet, to provide professional, effective, convenient and safe socks products shopping experience.