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Asia's biggest sock shopping fair was held in Shanghai in March 2013

2017-08-11  Haiyan Golden Gate Socks Industry Co., Ltd Views 565

The 8th China (Shanghai) international stocking procurement fair will be held on March 4-6, 2013 at the Shanghai expo exhibition hall. China (Shanghai) international hosiery sourcing fair (" Shanghai international socks SEC, approved by the ministry of commerce. The homologous company of China, Shanghai underwear industry association, Shanghai to undertake gehua ticketmaster exhibition service co., LTD.

Shanghai international socks SEC is focused on the areas of hosiery, China's largest international exhibitions, to provide opportunities for international trade as the main industry, brought together from all over the world every year hosiery traders, manufacturers and large buyers, Shanghai international socks SEC after seven years of development, has a wealth of industry experience and resources, is the industry recognized industry trade exchange event.

Famous enterprises gather in high-quality products

Numerous domestic and foreign well-known enterprises such as Mengna Socks, Fukuske, igg, Asia Socks, Gatta, Sally Curtis international, Robert, Hanesl, Aeliaas, CK, Piedo group, more than hundred companies such as Crocs would pop, all kinds of new products, Socks and stockings Socks with raw materials boutiques carnival, are ling lang see everywhere.

The summit is a hill-top summit

Conference sponsored by the American association of hosiery "high-end hosiery BBS - China and the United States and the eighth China (Shanghai) international hosiery sourcing fair forum" of China and the United States, by the United States hosiery association, Shanghai gehua ticketmaster underwear industry association and Shanghai exhibition service co., LTD. Jointly undertake. Discuss how the market of the sock industry is successful and how to break through the bottleneck of overseas trade.

The live activity is colorful

In order to better serve buyers and purchasers, the site organizes multiple international buyers' matchmaking activities. On the third day of the exhibition, we will take the intention buyer to visit the company of socks factory for free. In addition, various new product conferences, technical exchanges will be held in different forms at different time periods. It is the whole industry market that the tour operator understands the whole of socks.