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The three "third" opens the new pattern of northeast sock marketing

2017-08-11  Haiyan Golden Gate Socks Industry Co., Ltd Views 439

A few days ago, the reporter to northeast sock industry garden to know, as far as the present, the market share of the park socks supermarket, the foreign trade market has reached 15.35%, compared with the same period last year less than 5%. The data shows that the new marketing pattern of the traditional wholesale, entering supermarkets and export sales of the park is being formed, and the situation of the one-thousand-military bridge has been fundamentally changed.

According to the relevant officials of the park, the company has always recognized the traditional wholesale and the single market wholesale. In recent years, with the development of enterprises, the market relatively saturated, increasingly fierce competition, product profit space narrow, corporate profits, product homogeneity and sales channels with problems caused by the height of the park authorities alert. Park leaders realized that, if not as soon as possible to lead the enterprises strengthen the suffering consciousness, in time of peace prepare for war, to adjust the product structure, only contented with being in the wholesale market will soon is a dead end. Strengthen guiding measures for this, the park, the time to guide enterprises in product structure adjustment, identifies three "third" marketing strategy, namely "wholesale market, the supermarket market accounted for a third, one-third for foreign trade market accounted for a third. On the basis of this, the park has established a business group, which aims to lead the enterprises to expand the market of supermarkets and foreign trade through the guidance of demonstration, activity and standardization. At the same time, the park vigorously implements the brand strategy of "1 + 10 + n", which enables enterprises to participate in the development of supermarkets and foreign trade markets. "1" is the brand, is the leading enterprise, "10" is for the brand leading enterprises to do the processing of several enterprises, "n" is the brand processing enterprise provides the whole industry chain service. Under the guidance of the park, enterprises opened up supermarkets and foreign trade markets.

The deer company is a private enterprise in the park. At home and abroad with the help of the park, the enterprise has purchased the advanced 200 needles, 200 needles stereo, 168 needles, 144 needles, 120 needles, terry machine and so on full computer hosiery machine 266 units, to provide high quality products and quality service as the fundamental point, revitalize the market with quality and credit. "Deer" brand by the industry and the general customers the universal attention and recognition, fixed external processing enterprises reached 18, hosiery machine reached more than 1000 units, annual production capacity can reach 60 million pairs, product radiation throughout the country more than 30 provinces and cities, and 87% products into the country large supermarket chain, has formed a stable network collaterals. Similarly, are hosiery with the support of the park, and scale are multiply, has imported and domestic full computer hosiery machine and a full range of more than 500 sets of dyeing and finishing equipment, products have been awarded the quality trustworthy product, "Aaron" brand sold in supermarkets across the country. Penguins, hosiery led in the zone, to do Chinese ShangZheng male socks the first brand as the goal, the building area expanded to 2500 square meters, the introduction of advanced full computer hosiery machine 50 units, into the mouth of hosiery machine 4 units, across the country set up a distribution brand shop, shopping malls and outgoing large supermarkets in our city are sold, products formed a unique style. The company has 200 employees, with annual output of nearly 20 million yuan and 50 million yuan. We are committed to creating a brand of "frygol" with novel design and excellent quality. Its customer base is spread all over the country big cities, formed the perfect sales network, "fleur goer" brand has entered many big chain store supermarket.