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Sock shopping

2017-08-11  Haiyan Golden Gate Socks Industry Co., Ltd Views 510

Consider using and wearing objects

The socks are made of cotton stockings, real silk socks, wool socks, nylon stockings, nylon silk stockings and all kinds of mixed woolen socks.

Cotton yarn tights fastness and wear resistance.

Wool socks commonly knitted with double strand knitting wool, warm and strong, with good elasticity and hygroscopicity.

The strength and wear resistance of nylon silk stockings and elastic nylon stockings are good. The elastic nylon stockings are also soft, elastic and warm.

Daily wear should be mainly comfortable and breathable, wear to wear to the main in the soft, wear-resisting; Feet and sweat should be selected for both breathable and wet cotton socks and wool stockings; Children's stockings should be chosen to organize simple, light colors and smooth surfaces.

Wash before wearing

After purchasing socks, it is recommended to use the following instructions on the label.

Check to see if there are performance criteria

Whether the products sold by merchants are labeled with national textile product safety technical performance indicator GB 18401-2003 and its category, if not, do not purchase as much as possible.