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Selling socks can also be "professional"

2017-08-11  Haiyan Golden Gate Socks Industry Co., Ltd Views 399

Although the sock is a small commodity, but as long as professional, there will also be a market. Although the Maori is not high, but because the consumer group is very wide, the old and young children of both men and women can be potential consumers, so it can also be a small profit. Moreover, compared with selling clothing, the threshold of the store of socks is lower, unlike the clothing has the style, the collocation requirement, the entry line is faster.

Increasing production demand is large

When it comes to socks, it is one of the most essential supplies of life. According to statistics, the annual output of China's sock market is more than 13 billion, and the sales revenue reaches 50 billion yuan, and it is increasing at an annual rate of 8%.

However, although there are many kinds of socks in the market today, there are many types of socks, such as nylon, velvet, cotton, core-spun yarn, wool, silk, wool, etc. The size of the hosiery, the hosiery, the length of the ankle, and the ankle socks. Theory of function, have children, fashion, sports, leisure, but mostly in supermarkets, shopping malls, shopping centers have small field or sporadic tie-in sales, existing code is not complete, variety, style is not new, want to find a focus of many varieties of socks sellers will not be easy. From this, someone sees a business opportunity, opened up the sock shop, it is convenient for everyone, also gave oneself a money road.

There is a door to selling

Ms. Lin is the owner of a stocking store. Her small shop is a "kingdom" with as many as thousands of different products. From ordinary cotton socks to five-finger socks, silk stockings and cartoon stockings, some of the socks that are normally found in supermarkets and malls, with innovative materials and fashionable styles can be found in her specialty stores. In addition, Ms. Lin doesn't sell all her socks on the shelves like traditional shopping malls. Instead, she picks out some of the featured samples and sets them on the wall to show them. The arrangement of the "sock stage" soon attracted many people's attention.

Prior to that, Ms. Lin is a friend who do foreign trade business get some import socks sample, feeling very good fabric, wearing more comfortable, and she found that domestic less this kind of product, even if I have big stores selling the same brand socks, the price is in at least thirty or forty yuan, even hundreds of yuan. Moreover, there are very few specialty stores in the market specializing in middle and high - grade socks. Ms. Lin thinks that with the improvement of living standards, many people with high quality of life have purchasing power, and there is a business opportunity. So she rented a shop in the center of the city and opened up the upscale sock shop.

However, Ms. Yu Lin's socks are foreign trade goods, compared with some low-end socks, the price is much higher, so the store just opened the sales volume is not satisfactory. She sold 20, 000 pairs of socks for $5 each, attracting more customers to try the high-end stockings. It did work, with 20,000 pairs of socks quickly sold out, customers growing and turnover climbing.

In Ms. Lin's opinion, middle and high-end products generally have a certain target consumer group, while her high-end socks store target customers are usually over 30 years old. Some fashion-conscious girls also frequent small stores, but most of them only choose one or two pairs. Customers over the age of 30 pay more attention to the quality of their products, and buy more than 100 yuan at a time.

Watch out for seasonal risks

The current social material is very rich, "exquisite creed" is popular, many consumers pursue is character and quality, the businessman can be in a certain detail to do a bit, can make money. In the market, people can find the daily fine articles such as hats, combs, slippers, etc., have already opened the store. And in socks, the effect is different.

Socks stores want to gain more, in addition to taking high-grade line like Ms. Lin, do the best "professional", namely make consumers in the same socks can buy in the store all want to buy socks. In other words, it is the "one-stop" shopping environment for consumers to buy socks for themselves, for daughters or sons, and for husbands to choose.

In addition, the price of socks is very important. Sock is a small commodity, originally profit is not high, sell too expensive no person buy, sell low not make money. And people are often used to bargaining, so that retail prices are hard to control. If the price is free, customers will have difficulty in mastering the daily turnover. It's best to put a price on each pair of socks, which must be modest and not give customers the chance to bargain. For example, it can be marked as 10 yuan / 3 pairs or 15 yuan / 2 pairs, etc., while telling customers that they can't make a counter-offer. In this way, the quality customers will not be unable to buy the price without the price, as long as the price is not more expensive than other places, consumers will accept it more.

It is important to note that socks are a cyclical industry and risk may be in the future. For example, when stores open in winter, socks are selling well and sales are likely to climb. But by the summer's off season, sales may shrink dramatically, so seasonal buying is a must. To solve the problem, according to the situation of the season to adjust goods, such as selling foreign trade underwear slightly, for underwear and socks roughly belongs to the category, so the store can be good passing into a small amount of fabrics foreign trade underwear, men and women can increase small income, but not too much stock, or less professional.