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The company carries functional fabrics to expand the Chinese market

2017-08-11  Haiyan Golden Gate Socks Industry Co., Ltd Views 442

LYCRAdualFX, LYCRASPORT, LYCRABEAUTY... The comfort of fabrics with good elasticity and response function from one of the world's largest producer of polymer and fiber composite - invista fiber co., LTD., in this year, China international textile fabric &accessories (winter) exposition, invista for a variety of new fiber and fabric industry brought a whole new experience.

The take-off of the domestic economy and the change of people's fashion concept have made consumers make higher demands on the comfort of clothing. The clothing industry is moving toward products that provide consumers with higher quality, more choices, more comfort, and more rapid renewal. However, the success and rapid development of China's textile industry also means that domestic fabric manufacturers, clothing manufacturers and clothing brands face more competition in both domestic and global markets. The lure of China's lucrative cupcakes has also attracted a rush of foreign manufacturers.

"In the fabric show in 2012 invista fashion business face to face", invista and 22 partners joint has built 720 square meters of exhibition booth, to the customer, fabric manufacturers and domestic apparel manufacturers shows the company to cater to the domestic market and put forward solutions. This year, it is also the ninth time in a row that the company has joined other exhibitors in the event to hold the uvida fashion business opportunities face to face. These innovative technologies and products include: excellent resiliency and excellent response function, suitable for the super - elastic denim clothing of LYCRAdualFX fabric; Strong, comfortable and fit, the TOUGHMAXLYCRA fabric that can bring a new denim clothing experience for men; It has a variety of functions such as lightness, muscle support and free movement, suitable for the LYCRASPORT fabric of sports apparel. And LYCRABEAUTY fabric for underwear and swimwear, as well as comfortable and shaping functions.

On display at the same time there are a series of special fibers and fabrics, including COOLMAXALLSEASON fabrics, water management, and it is a blend of warm fiber technology, can make the wearer in a variety of strength to keep comfortable feeling; XTRALIFELYCRA fiber, suitable for making swimsuit, has the effect of resisting sweat, chlorine and sunscreen. LYCRASOFTCOMFORT fiber is an ideal substitute for rubber, which is used to make good socks. And LYCRAFUSION fiber which is suitable for producing socks.

"China's clothing industry is in the eye of a perfect storm," said MichelleRice, north Asia business director for the UK's apparel business. Consumers spend more and more on clothing, but they also become more selective in their choices. Knowledge and experience in clothing accumulation and growth have multiplied their confidence.

Exhibitions, invista also shows the latest CORDURANaturalle fabrics, the fabrics to solve the problem of traditional dyeing of nylon 6.6 (NYLON6.6), various color and soft and durable, but still maintained traditional CORDURA fabric abrasion and tear resistance.

Invista has successfully built across the whole value chain of the fashion industry, unique support system, from the basic research of the polymer performance, to research and development has a specific function, suitable for special requirements of fiber, plus work closely with producers, the fibers can be incorporated into all kinds of fabrics in order to meet the diverse needs of the market.

When it comes to how to product design and market to develop better integration, nguyen m snow said: "innovation is to meet consumer demand in China and help fabrics manufacturers, garment production enterprises and the key to brand in the fierce competition. We also work with fashion designers and manufacturers to apply innovative fabrics in fashion and functional clothing to meet the needs of different consumers in the market. Not long ago, we set up the China textile research and development center in Shanghai to ensure that the fiber that we develop, produce and sell can meet the needs of local customers and end consumers