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Long wear thin leg socks, leg cold, numbness

2017-08-11  Haiyan Golden Gate Socks Industry Co., Ltd Views 454

Many women prefer to buy lean stockings. Reporter noted that "thin leg socks were merchants" marked "with venous flow mechanics principle partial pressure gradually weave can thin leg" label, and almost all shops are in a prominent position clearly marked "stick to wear thin leg effect is achieved when a period of time".

Ms wu, 29, told reporters that she had seen the "skinny legs" function on the Internet and bought two of them for $98. In addition to the daytime, even sleeping at night, because the seller told her, the thin legs will be better. "It was too laborious to wear, and for the first time it took more than 40 minutes to pull the socks and the fingers were swollen." Ms. Zhang, who has just had a baby, said she had not recovered herself after giving birth, and had seen her colleagues wear thin stockings, so they wanted to try it. However, she found that although the legs of the eyes were a little thin, the fat was all piled up in the buttocks, and the feeling of the feet was painful and tingling, and then it was not worn. Ms wu told reporters she tried on the experience of "thin leg socks", she said she tried and found this particularly hard as compared to normal silk stockings, socks forcibly pull couldn't tear apart, put on after a period of time, feel cold leg, a little hemp, the skin also uncomfortable.

Ms. Chu told reporters that she had been wearing the leggy socks for more than a month, and that she had a strong feeling of tension in her legs, a cold feeling in her legs and a bit of her skin.

Can thin leg socks really act as a thin leg? Hospital, according to experts on the market sell thin leg socks and medical varicose veins socks are on the same principle of this kind of socks with pressure gradient elastic 祙, pressure gradient, decreasing from down to up, so can promote the venous blood flow, to prevent the backflow of blood. For early mild varicose veins or varicose veins, symptoms can be reduced and development is controlled. But there is no scientific basis for healthy legs, and experts recommend that healthy people should not wear them long.